Andrew Huff talks about Gapers Block and the world of blogging.

Gone are the days of not knowing what’s happening in Chicago. Andrew Huff is the creator of Gapers Block, devoted to being a city blog for Chicago, which is here to help while making waves on the web.

Huff discussed creating Gapers Block with journalism students at DePaul University on Wednesday. Giving them insight into the blogging field.

Gapers Block has dedicated itself to being a one-stop-shop for current events, local news, sports updates, a book club section and many other features.

Andrew Huff

Andrew Huff,creator of Gapers Block (photo by Mike Reilley)

Gapers Block is all about people slowing down and taking a moment to look around. Chicago is a fast-paced city full of busy and hardworking people who want local information quickly and in as few places as possible.

It all started  in a coffee shop.

Huff found inspiration from other websites pointing viewers to events happening around the city in places like New York, and decided that Chicago needed the same.

Gapers Block has a clean, sophisticated, and user-friendly layout created through Movable Type. There are tabs at the top linking to specific articles and columns.

On the left is the “Merge” section which brings a mixture of the top articles from each tab together. Taking center stage is the “Slowdown” which lists events and their location in the city.

“Fuel” up on the right side of Gapers Block with a fun opinion question, a look into local arts and culture, food, politics, sports, music and books.

Huff discusses some of the Web site content below.

Through the Web sites success Huff has gained a lot of attention. American Express hired him to write articles on places to eat, drink and play in Chicago, which also became an advertisement campaign. He wrote a blog for the A&E television show Paranormal State and an activism blog for fashion designer Kenneth Cole called awearness.

What else has Huff been working on that people will be bookmarking to their delicious accounts next?

1954 is Huff’s latest blog. It is a retrospective look at his senior year of high school and early college years scribbled in a journal that he has now posted page-for-page on a blog.


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  1. Andrew Huff replied:

    Nicely written! Glad you enjoyed my talk. One clarification: Gapers Block runs on Movable Type, not Textpattern. My personal site runs on Textpattern.

    • kschweiker replied:

      I really did enjoy it. Thank you for the correction and for the compliment!

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