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2009 Lincoln Park muggings and interactive map

Summer in Chicago is a great time to get outside and enjoy a walk around your neighborhood, but it is crucial to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Last summer there were a total of eight muggings that took place throughout the Lincoln Park area.

The victims, who were mostly men in their 20s, who were approached on foot and asked for their wallet and then beaten. Two of the eight victims were hospitalized.

Nearly all of the attacks occurred at the end of July to the beginning of August. Police believe that the string of attacks are linked to each other. Investigations are still being conducted.

View this interactive Google Map to find out if a mugging occurred near you.

The Chicago Police Department website offers safety tips for city travel.


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Andrew Huff talks about Gapers Block and the world of blogging.

Gone are the days of not knowing what’s happening in Chicago. Andrew Huff is the creator of Gapers Block, devoted to being a city blog for Chicago, which is here to help while making waves on the web.

Huff discussed creating Gapers Block with journalism students at DePaul University on Wednesday. Giving them insight into the blogging field.

Gapers Block has dedicated itself to being a one-stop-shop for current events, local news, sports updates, a book club section and many other features.

Andrew Huff

Andrew Huff,creator of Gapers Block (photo by Mike Reilley)

Gapers Block is all about people slowing down and taking a moment to look around. Chicago is a fast-paced city full of busy and hardworking people who want local information quickly and in as few places as possible. (more…)

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